Fans of the Burnout series still aren't quite sure what to make of upcoming downloadable title Burnout Crash! While the game seems to offer something that Burnout Paradise didn't -- that being the titular Crash mode -- the overhead perspective and change in art style has made a few people a little wary of the new game. Tom certainly liked it when he checked it out in July, though.

It won't be much longer until we can all find out for certain -- Criterion and EA have announced that Burnout Crash! will be with us on September 20. It'll cost 800 Microsoft Points on Xbox or $9.99 on PSN. The game comes with three game modes and 18 crash junctions on which to cause havoc, plus a variety of unlockables. The Xbox version features gestural control using Kinect, including a party mode designed for 2-14 players to flail around in front of Microsoft's camera accessory. The game will also support EA's clever Autolog social gaming system for asynchronous competition between friends.

Find out more about Burnout Crash! direct from Criterion.