On September 3 last year, the lead designer of Relic Entertainment's Company of Heroes Online, Brian Wood, was killed in a car crash. Jordyn Weichert and Samantha Bowling lost control of their vehicle and collided with Wood's car on Highway 20 in Washington State. Wood was killed instantly. His wife reported that he swerved the car before the impact so that he would take the blow instead of her, saving the life of her and the couple's unborn child.

Weichert was behind the wheel of the car and told Washington state troopers that she had decided to remove her sweater without stopping. Her companion Bowling took the wheel while she removed the item of clothing, but Weichert reported that Bowling let go of the wheel before she could regain control of the vehicle. The car was beginning to drift off the road, and both women wrenched the wheel to the left, causing the vehicle to veer into oncoming traffic and collide with the Woods' station wagon. Weichert's two back-seat passengers, Francis Malloy and Jacob Quistorf, were also killed in the incident.

Police reported that a variety of drugs including heroin, cocaine and marijuana were found at the scene in Weichert's vehicle. The car also had a gun in it.

Jordyn Weichert and Samantha Bowling were sentenced last Friday. Weichert was given eight years in prison and Bowling five. Both were convicted of three counts of vehicular homicide.

Gamers around the world rallied to send their messages of condolence and support to Erin Wood following the accident. She reached out to thank the community in a letter to Kotaku last year.

"Brian always told me about how close-knit and wonderful the video game community was," she wrote, "but I had no idea until this tragedy just how special a group it really is.

"Brian was completely and utterly devoted to the game industry, and was pretty much living his dream every day," she continued. "He woke up every morning excited to be working in such a creative, demanding field. It was such a joy to be married to someone who was absolutely passionate about his professional life."

A memorial trust was set up following Wood's death. If you'd like to donate you can do so here.

Source: MSNBC via Relic Entertainment

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