1984's Boulder Dash still holds up well today, as evidenced by the recent new game for XBLA -- which changed very little about the core gameplay because it didn't need to.

Now, Android owners can get their hands on a collection of classic Boulder Dash titles, offering all the boulder pushing, dirt digging, diamond snatching mayhem they could possibly want -- including the possibility of playing the game that started it all.

Boulder Dash: The Collection is an app available for $3.99 from the Android Market. Included in the bundle is 30 caves and 3 levels of difficulty in the form of the previously-released mobile game Boulder Dash M.E. Volume 2 -- additional game packs will be available as in-app purchases. The first of these will be 2003's Boulder Dash M.E. Volume 1, which will be 99 cents. Following this, 1986's Boulder Dash Construction Kit, 1985's Boulder Dash 2 and 1984's original Boulder Dash game will be made available -- including the original retro graphics, caves and difficulty levels from the Commodore 64 and Atari 8-bit versions. There'll also be regular free updates alongside the in-app purchases.

The game supports leaderboards and achievements thanks to OpenFeint, and can be played either with or without a timer. If you're after a head-scratching puzzle game that's just as fresh today as it was in the mid-80s, Boulder Dash is well worth your time.

This article originally appeared on GamePro.com as Boulder Dash Crashes on to Android