If you play a lot of Black Ops on the Xbox, you'll probably want to pick up the Annihilation pack, available today for 1200 Microsoft Points.

The new map pack contains four new maps and a new Zombies level. The new maps include Hangar 18, an Area 51-themed level; Drive-In, based around a 1960s American drive-in theater complete with arcade and snack shack; Silo, set in a Soviet nuclear missile site; and Hazard, set on a golf course, bizarrely.

The new Zombies level, known as Shangri-La, is based on a "mythical paradise overrun with the undead" and sees the anti-zombie squad taking on some new species of zombies in labyrinthine underground caverns and a shrine buried deep in the jungle.

"Our commitment to delivering great new content for Black Ops continues with Annihilation," said Treyarch's studio head Mark Lamia. "Annihilation offers four of the best Black Ops multiplayer maps to date, and a stunning new Zombies experience laden with deadly traps and dark secrets buried deep within the shifting walls of the infested temple."

PS3 and PC versions of the DLC will be following "soon," and the game will play host to a double XP weekend from Friday July 1 in celebration of the new map pack's release.

This article originally appeared on GamePro.com as Black Ops Annihilation Available Today