The Bit.Trip games are a charming series of titles that use super-retro aesthetics and simple gameplay to provide extremely addictive experiences with excellent soundtracks. Among them was Bit.Trip Runner, which was a little less abstract than the others, and gave blocky protagonist CommanderVideo a more prominent leading role.

Now, Gaijin and Aksys have announced that Runner is to get a sequel on XBLA and PSN next year. Bit.Trip Runner 2, subtitled Future Legend of Rhythm Alien, offers HD graphics; new abilities for CommanderVideo and CommandergirlVideo; achievements, trophies and leaderboards; unlockable costumes; difficulty modes and checkpoints; and "lots more" which hasn't yet been revealed.

It also has a markedly different art style from the original, as you'll see from the tree prototypes seen above. Gaijin Games argues that the "game demanded" a move away from the 8-bit art style and is instead adopting a low-contrast, smooth, cartoony style for the background in order to keep the focus on the gameplay in the foreground.

They seem very excited about it -- fans of the Atari 2600-style graphics of the original games may be a little upset, however. We'll give the Bit.Trip team the benefit of the doubt until we actually see some gameplay, however. You can follow their development progress on the official blog.

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