"Do you expect Nintendo to rev up a team to create cross-device gaming and tool kits to develop those things? Not very likely." You tell 'em, Bill!

In an interview after his CES keynote, the Microsoft supremo gave his firm's gaming rivals a piece of his mind. When asked if he thought Sony's PS3 would be able to produce a game that looked as good as the Microsoft Xbox's Halo 3, he replied:

"No. They were going to have the Cell be the video processor. But they didn't know what they were doing."

And Gates wasn't done with Sony. "They took their year and burned it by not having a decent CPU strategy and then turning to nVidia at the last minute," he added. Ouch!

When questioned on the subject of Nintendo's successful, low-cost Wii console, Gates sniffily replied: "Sony has always been our most direct competitor. Nintendo of course is a competitor. But look at the resolution you get with a controlled experience like that. Say to yourself, how in terms of using a game for a long period of time, what kind of accuracy and capability do you want?"

Inflammatory stuff, we think you'll agree.

Read a transcript of the interview here.