Ben There, Dan That! from UK indie developer Size Five Games (formerly "Zombie Cow Studios") is an excellent point and click adventure for the PC that features endearingly crude artwork and even cruder humor. The game and its sequel Time Gentlemen, Please! are excellent examples of post-LucasArts and Sierra point and click adventures and are well worth your time and money.

If you haven't yet experienced the surreal adventures of Ben and Dan, now's a great time to start: Ben There, Dan That! has just seen a Special Edition rerelease of the game featuring a new soundtrack, numerous tweaks and a selection of special features.

"We've George Lucased it right up," said Dan Marshall of the developer. "I was never happy with the final version of Ben There, Dan That! so it's been an absolute pleasure to tinker with it and get it ship-shape. Fans will be pleased to hear I managed to resist making any of the characters suddenly shout 'NOOOOOOOOOO.'"

Size Five games is also currently working on The Swindle, a platformer which Marshall describes as "Deus Ex mixed with Sonic the Hedgehog." The company also produced sex-ed shooter Privates, which memorably (and unsurprisingly) failed to make it through the Xbox Indie Games approval process.

You can grab the Special Edition of Ben There, Dan That! direct from the developer under a "pay what you want" scheme, or Steam users who have already purchased the game will receive a free update soon.

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