Beat Hazard is a fun twin-stick shooter that uses your music library to generate its waves of enemies along with increasingly headache-inducing psychedelic graphical effects. Originally launching on the Xbox Live Indie Games service before making the jump to PC, the Ultra edition of the game is now headed to PSN on October 18 of this year.

The game was produced by just one person, operating out of his bedroom in the not-so-sunny northwest of the UK. The game has enjoyed a considerable amount of success ever since its original release -- all the more remarkable given its status as a "one man show" product.

The Ultra version includes an hour and a half of indie music to get you started along with 23 perks and 3 tactical weapons to unlock through ranking up. You can also play with a friend both locally and online.

Watch out for Beat Hazard Ultra on PSN for $9.99 on October 18 -- or check out the PC and Xbox versions.

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