Independent developer Mousechief Co. first announced its new game Arcada Mia about a year ago, but it's entirely possible you may have forgotten about it since then -- or perhaps not even known about it in the first place. Today, the developer has released the first screenshots from the new title.

The gameplay promises a curious combination of "an interactive drama of family generations" and "a casual strategy game of Western civilization rising." It's up to the player to direct the destinies of families from four different castes as they traverse a mechanical wheel representing the passage of time. Along the way, players will have to collect resources, pursue romance and take their families on a journey from rags to riches -- or back in the other direction. As if that wasn't enough to worry about, the player must also keep their families safe from the crocodiles which lie in wait on one side of the wheel for those who don't plan their moves carefully.

If this all sounds intriguingly abstract (or just bizarre and crazy), you'd be right -- but it's entirely in character for Mousechief, whose previous game Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble! saw the developer awarded a $3,000 prize for innovation from the Casual Games Association. Arcada Mia looks set to continue the developer's reputation for innovative, unusual games.

The game's set for release on PC and (probably) Mac in early 2012. Find out more here.

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