Since its relaunch as a free to play game, APB has been enjoying some success. In three months of open beta testing, the game has attracted more than 700,000 players -- quite an achievement considering the fact that it bombed upon its original retail release.

Now the game has come full circle, as APB Reloaded is returning to retail in a $29.95 package, thanks to publisher Interactive Gaming Software's partnership with GamersFirst.

Although APB is a free to play game, it offers a number of cash items through its in game shop, and also offers a premium subscription option which increases rewards, provides a store discount and gives full access to the game's famous customization features. Those who don't pay only have access to a subset of options for customizing their avatars, cars and in-game music.

The $29.95 package includes 30 days of this premium subscription option as well as $50 worth of in game items. These include permanent ownership of a high-performance vehicle and a special weapon. Both Interactive Gaming Software and GamersFirst anticipate a considerable amount of demand for the product.

"Our pricing model for APB Reloaded actually pays a gamer to come try the game," says Rahul Sandil, senior VP of marketing at GamersFirst, stretching the truth a little bit. "This is unprecedented for a title which cost more than $70 million to produce. The response from retail has been so overwhelming that we are considering launching with a half-million units."

The retail version of APB will be released in early November of this year.

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