It seems APB has been doing significantly better in its free to play "Reloaded" incarnation than it did upon its disastrous release to retail. New publisher GamersFirst has issued a statement regarding recent rumors that the game may be returning to retail this holiday season.

"Given that APB Reloaded has been the most talked about online game this summer and its unprecedented growth in open beta players, it has become very attractive to large institutions in the game distribution business," says Rahul Sandil, Senior VP of marketing, PR and business development at GamersFirst. "In just 6 weeks of open beta, the game has attracted over 600,000 users and over a quarter million fans on the game's fan page on Facebook. As a result of this success, we've been approached by retail partners to launch the title on retail shelves. Although we are evaluating our options, we have not picked a potential partner as of now. GamersFirst is also committed to the Free2Play model and any retail strategy will be guided by those principles."

If the deal comes to fruition, APB Reloaded will join World of Tanks as a commercially-available free to play title, if that isn't a contradiction in terms. Expect paying customers to get some sort of significant bonus for splashing the cash -- if only a sizeable wad of in-game premium currency.

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