Nvidia's been killing it on the bundles front this year, tossing in free copies of top-shelf, not-even-released-yet games Batman: Arkham Knight and The Witcher 3with its 900-series graphics cards. Hot damn. And where's AMD been through it all? Taking punches quietly in the corner, with no bundles to sweeten the pot on its going-on-two-years-old R200 series since the Never Settle deals died off in January.

It's been sort of ugly.

But Newegg might've leaked AMD's rebuttal today, as first reported by PC Perspective. Newegg's bundling free copies of Grand Theft Auto V and DiRT Rallywith AMD Radeon graphics cards. To be exact: DiRT Rally is bundled with all R200-series cards, while Grand Theft Auto V is only included with (most) R9 290 and 290X models.

That's one solid bundle. Both are new games--especially DiRT Rally, which isn't even out of Early Access yet. And they're both good games, too!

It's just not quite on the same level for me as free copies of The Witcher 3 and Arkham Knight. That's a hell of a steal for Nvidia, and AMD's it's-still-pretty-great bundle comes off looking a bit, well, not underwhelming but lesswhelming by comparison, even with GTA V.

Even so, it's still free, good games. $95 worth of free, good games. That's nothing to sneeze at, especially when paired with the bargain price of the R9 290X. Though if you're willing to hold off a few months, AMD did just tease its new 300-series cards--and they're looking mighty impressive at the moment, packing cutting-edge new HBM memory technology. These bundles for the 290 and 290X are probably a carrot to help clear out existing stock before the new cards arrive, in fact.

We've reached out to AMD to see if they'd confirm or comment on these new bundles, but haven't received any details yet. We'll update you if we hear anything back.