Gamers of a certain age may remember 1987's The Great Giana Sisters, a game which was a shameless reimagining of Super Mario Bros featuring female characters. At its original time of release, the game was quickly withdrawn from sale thanks to pressure from Nintendo's legal arm. Since then, though, the game has seen a 2005 mobile phone version, unofficial fan sequels, a 2009 Nintendo DS game and a recent iPhone release. Now, Spellbound Interactive, who owns the game's IP, has announced that it is bringing the game to the web and Android smartphones.

Alongside Giana Sisters, Spellbound also owns the rights to Airline Tycoon, a business management game originally released in 1998 which has since seen several rereleases on home computers. The company claims that we're also likely to see the Airline Tycoon IP in the online and mobile spaces soon. The IP would certainly fit with the simplified style of business management popular among Facebook games, though many smartphone gamers would likely be very happy with a port of the original.

"Spellbound is proud to bring its company-owned licenses into online and mobile gaming," said Andreas Speer, CEO of Spellbound Entertainment. "For this purpose we are creating new development capacities. These platforms are an ideal addition to our core platform business of full price games and 'serious games.'"

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