Capcom has confirmed this Monday's rumor that Phoenix Wright and the rest of the Ace Attorney gang was set to hit the big screen. In a blog post published yesterday evening, the company reveals a selection of details about the game-to-movie adaptation.

"It was all true," reads the post. "Phoenix Wright, the Ace Attorney himself, is heading to the big screen in Japan."

Nick will be played by Hiroki Narimiya, while Edgeworth's role is played by Takumi Saito. Maya Fey makes an appearance, too, played by Mirei Kiritani. As previously rumored, Takashi Miike is directing the movie, and the movie is due to be released in the spring of next year in Toho Cinemas across Japan. No word yet on whether we can expect an international release. Even if there isn't one, we can pretty much guarantee some Ace Attorney (or should that be Gyakuten Saiban?) enthusiast out there will fan-translate it for the community at some point.

The release of the movie is part of Capcom's "single content, multiple usage" strategy, where the company makes use of its existing IPs in a variety of media in order to "bring maximum satisfaction to as many of [their] users as possible." The Ace Attorney series is a surprisingly popular one -- particularly in Japan -- with 4.1 million units having been shipped worldwide as of March 31 of this year. The Japanese market has seen all manner of Ace Attorney-related merchandise, including cellphone games, comics, character-related merchandise and a selection of arranged soundtrack albums in orchestral, soul jazz and electronica styles.

How about you bring some of those goodies over to the States, huh, Capcom?

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