Marriage, it seems, is a somewhat popular activity in the online world of MapleStory. Some 26,982 players tied the knot in-game last year in North America alone, and paid publisher Nexon $25 for the privilege. However, it seems that over 20,000 of these seemingly happy couples -- around 75% -- have been annulled at the request of players.

Nexon thought this was a rather high figure, so decided to talk to the community to determine the reasons for the breakup rate. What emerged were a number of stories of spouses only being in it for free items; spouses deciding that they didn't want to be "tied down" to one person; and spouses who simply decided they wished they hadn't spent $25 on a ceremony which doesn't mean anything legally. (It does, however, provide both partners with stat-boosting magic items -- as well as providing an excuse to throw a big party. But it seems that isn't enough for some Maplers.)

"My former Maple spouse and I started off great; going on party quests together, boss runs, training, helping each other become better Maplers," said Seth, a 19 year old from Colorado. "Then I realized after a while that she was only out there to get free things off of me and we got in this conversation where she admitted to this accusation, so I decided I would have to annul our Maple marriage."

While there's no alimony or divorce proceedings in MapleStory, couples who wish to annul their marriage do have to agree to it and, again, pay Nexon a fee.

"Getting married in MapleStory can be quite a fun event for the happy couple and their friends," said MapleStory producer Crystin Cox. "While it looks like our players break up at a much higher rate than people do in real life, at least our players are not on the hook for alimony. Couples who break up are not required to split up their loot, virtual pets or any enchanted items."

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