Sony has restocked the 60GB PlayStation 3 (PS3) online in the US, although has confirmed that the console is reaching end-of-life.

After a complete sell-out of its online supply (first discovered by PC Advisor's US-based sister title GamePro earlier this week), Sony has replenished its 60GB PlayStation 3 supply on

When GamePro first reported that the 60GB version of the PS3 became listed as on 'back order', Sony's Dave Karraker confirmed that there was no longer any 60GB inventory remaining in SCEA warehouses and that it all had been shipped out to retailers.

Sony has responded to the online demand and now has replenished the online supply of the 60GB version, shipping ample retail supply back to fulfil online orders.

Karraker also remarked that the $599 (£300) 80GB PS3 bundle may be reduced down to $499 (£250) once the complete supply of the 60GB version dries up.

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