The snow this week has caused not a bit of havoc, but for many of us the real consternation is that Valentine's Day is just around the corner and with it the pressure to produce the perfectly-judged gift.

Everywhere you look, the world is filled with hearts, flowers and sickly sweet hues of pink and red, just urging you to declare your undying love to Mr or Ms Right. But how best to do so?

Our email boxes have been filled with sweet nothing-related ideas for weeks now, some with seriously spurious links to either romance or technology.

Years ago a simple card and an "I Love You" might have sufficed. But in today's somewhat more materialistic world, the gift you give is seen as a statement of your relationship.

Flowers, cuddly toys, cufflinks and red roses are failsafes, but if your other half is anything like us at PCA Towers, technology and gadgetry is the key to their heart. Given our obsession with all things tech-related, we've put together a guide to the best tech gifts available to ensure that you'll end up in your lover's good book, or indeed woo the person of your dreams.

Capture your precious moments

Nikon L19 compact camera in pink A digital compact camera is a great gift for your sweetheart, since it means he or she will be able to snaps pictures of the two of you until her heart's content. The £99 Nikon L19 is a great 9Mp digital compact camera that will easily fit in a handbag or pocket. Pictures can be previewed on the camera's 2.7in display and with a 3.6x optical zoom and 4x digital zoom, your beloved will be able to capture those romantic landscapes on your romantic weekend away (hint, hint).

The camera's Smile Mode only takes a picture when the subject is smiling, while Blink Warning warns users if a subject has their eyes closed. Best of all, as well as silver, it also comes in a bubblegum pink colour, ideal for ladies who love their pink gadgets.