A driverless car, controlled by a computer and using laser-technology to avoid obstacles, is causing a stir among the denizens of Northampton's upmarket neighbour Daventry.

Daventry town council believes the Cybercars could be the answer to the town's stiff congestion problems, and they're trying the unmanned vehicles at a test track. Disappointingly, there's no Total Recall-style mannequin to annoy passengers, who select a destination by simply pressing a button. The opportunity for nu-green politician Arnold Schwarzenegger to lend his support has been cruelly thrown up.

Much like my own Fiat Punto (and unlike Arnie's private plane), the Cybercars are designed only for short trips at low speed.

Daventry District Council leader Chris Millar said: "We can build lots more car parks and have lots more cars going in or we can look at a viable alternative to the car. We believe this could be the answer."

Well, quite. Or just, you know, buses and stuff.

Next week: Towcester invests in three-breasted women and Milton Keynes is deprived of oxygen by a megalomaniac.