Dress up your desktop and entertain (or annoy) your co-workers with these wacky USB-powered gadgets, from office stink-busters to toasters that print the morning news on your breakfast.

Desktop Bouncer

Distributor: GadgetShop.com

Price: £9.99

What is it: A burly - if very tiny - gentleman dressed to the nines and ready to bark warnings whenever unwanted visitors near your computer. A motion sensor in his coat triggers audio, which includes such gems as 'You're cruisin' for a bruisin' and ‘come on over 'ere if you think you're hard enough'.

Why you want it: You've always wanted to set up surveillance on the cleaning guy who keeps rearranging the things on your desk. Just imagine the look on the culprit's face when out of nowhere your bouncer growls 'Not today, mate'.

1.5in mini digital photo frame

Manufacturer: Unity Electronics

Price: $19.95 (£12.20)

What is it: Windows-compatible mini digital photo frame powered by USB. With a 1.5in display, the Unity Mini Digital Photo Frame has 2GB of storage capacity for holding up to 50 images, which can be displayed manually or in slide-show format. It also shows current date and time.

Why you want it: Polaroids and physical photographs are as outdated as HD-DVD and Betamax. Thanks to Unity's Mini Digital Photo Frame, you can show off all those different images - whatever the size - in one unobtrusive display. Although its currently only available to US residents.

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