We searched the development labs and drawing boards of Silicon Valley and beyond to give you a look at some of the most promising ideas in mobile computing.

There's always something new on the horizon when it comes to mobile gadgets. We've rounded up the 11 best would-be tech products from Silicon Valley. They may only currently be at prototype stage but we'd love to get our hands on them.

Kyocera Eos: A fold-up phone with flair

Digital convergence promises to make voice just another stream of data, increasing the difficulty of distinguishing a 'phone' from a multipurpose portable computing device.

Many designs coming down the pipeline today look like iPhones, with maybe a sliding keyboard thrown in.
But Kyocera designer Susan McKinney's Eos prototype for a trifold, wallet-size phone is a breath of fresh air. Its main feature when folded flat is a beautiful, large OLED display.

When you unfold the upper third, however, a keyboard and screen present themselves. The device looks as elegant as anything designed by Apple, and the design seems closer to revolutionary than simply evolutionary.

No word from Kyocera on whether (as the image above suggests) the Eos can also function as a lawn sprinkler attachment or an ant stake.

Image courtesy of Core77

Panasonic hydrogen fuel cell battery: elementary power

The idea of using hydrogen fuel cells for power has been popping up for a while and companies like UltraCell tend to stress their usefulness in military operations.

The underlying idea is that a small device would convert methanol into electricity to charge the internal battery. Unfortunately, companies (like Toshiba) that have displayed prototypes must deal with safety issues related to adding inflammable hydrogen and methanol to occasionally explosive lithium-ion batteries in an electronic device resting customers' laps.

Image courtesy of Panasonic

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