Haven't got the money to get your favourite gadgets repaired by a professional? Then why not consider fixing it yourself. Here's why not... We've rounded 10 of the strangest, most low-tech repairs we've ever seen.

In today's economic climate, the last thing you want to do if your PC or favourite gadgets have broken is pay a professional to look at them.

However, there is another alternative - you could repair it yourself. Allow me to introduce you to 10 of the most low-down, low-tech hardware hacks we've ever seen. We do, however, have to commend them for their creativity and hard work.

Computer fan repair

Bucket: Found in the bin
Dictionary: £3 at a boot sale
Leaf-blower: Wife bought it for my birthday
Look on my tech-buddies' faces when they see my sweet new fan: Priceless

Yessirree, folks, instead of following something similar to our handy little repair guides, this computer owner decided to have a go at it all by himself.

Perhaps this fix-it guru didn't have the money to spring for an extra computer fan? It appears as if he just poked around his garage until he found something that would do the trick.

And, wow, look at the size of that thing! Let this be a lesson to you, wayward computers - overheating will not be tolerated.

Photo: Courtesy of Thereifixedit.com

Cheap, waterproof, all-phone-compatible, hands-free solution

So, you've been looking for a snazzy new Bluetooth headset, have you? Well, let me cut you a deal: I have a hands-free headset that is guaranteed to work with any and all mobile phones - whether they're Bluetooth-enabled or not.

You know what, it might even work with your regular landline phone, too. And it's so cheap, it's practically free. Don't get stuck paying £50 for a Bluetooth device that might not work with your phone - this incredible new device can be yours for only £3.49 per pack of 24!

And, if I haven't yet convinced you, here's another guarantee: nobody will ever think you're talking to yourself on the street.

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