Not sure what to buy your loved ones for Christmas this year? Let PC Advisor pick out the perfect technology gifts for the music-lover, film buff, amateur photographer and gadget fan in your life.

Along with a stocking full of tangerines, impossible puzzles and some jazzy socks, Christmas has become a popular time for the giving and receiving of gadgets - whether it's the zany sort that has no discernible use but buzzes and lights up and is just right for that tricky office Secret Santa, or the big family purchase, such as a games console or slinky new TV.

So it is that we once again present our annual selection of the finest tech-related presents you can give - or hint that you'd like to receive. Here we summarise some of the best consumer electronics and accessories we've been lucky enough to get our hands on over the past few months. We've outlined who we think they'll best suit and what makes them worthy of inclusion in our gift guide. Whether you want to impress your other half, please a tricky teen or choose a new laptop or PC to suit the whole family, we think we've found something perfect.

We're realists: not everyone's in line for a splurge right now, and most of us are more likely to be eyeing up a well-designed digital photo frame than a super-size plasma screen.

We don't want you to waste your cash, either, so we've featured only cameras, laptops and other items we believe are worth having - you'll find links to longer reviews of items we rate. They come with our promise that they'll meet with approval from your beloved camera queen, wannabe Scorsese or future gaming god.

So without further ado, here is PC Advisor's 2009 Christmas Gift Guide:


PC Advisor Christmas 2009 technology buyers' guide

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