The Royal Mail, of all hip and with-it organizations, has released a survey explaining some of the new English words and terms that have evolved through our increasingly digital lives.

You'll have probably come across a website showing you a "404 Error" message. As a result, fashionable people now use "404" to mean "clueless" - as in "That bloke behind the bar is totally 404!".

Did you know that predictive text often chooses "book" when users type the letters for "cool". So the cool kids say "book" instead of "cool" - sorry, that should have read the book kids. The bookest tech company Apple knew this when it called its latest laptops MacBooks.

Londoners and tourists who don't want to pay £4 for a one-stop tube trip are au fait with the now ubiquitous Oyster Card. When you've run out of credit on your Oyster the reader displays the number 35. So the vogue crowd now all refer to being skint as a "Code 35" - as in "I'm going to have to shop in Primark cause I'm well Code 35".

If - unlike these hipsters - you're behind the times then you're sure to be "Code 11" - that's how Oyster lets you know if your travelcard is out of date.

Yes, these terms are rather London-centric but then if you're not in the smoke you can hardly count yourself as trend setting, can you - you Code 11 neanderthal?

BTW, if you're over 14 and find yourself using any of these arch phrases please ask the nearest person to slap you rather hard in the chops. It's just not very book.