There's a new iPod sex toy in town, with the launch of a colourful range of vibrators aimed at Apple users. The OhMiBod is also claimed as the world's first iPhone sex toy.

According to the manufacturer, "the combination of listening and feeling your music quickly transports you to a place where music, mind and body come together to create an unbeatable sexual experience".

It is 5.5 inches long (insertable) and 1.125 inches in diameter, with polished chrome detail and a pearl white body.

The European launch of the OhMiBod iPod-compatible sex toys has been announced by iPod accessory retailer Easyishop. It is not thought to be part of Apple's official 'Made for iPod' range.

The £39.99 OhMiBod iPod vibrator works in tandem with any iPod. Users simply plug the vibrator into their iPod or iPhone (and somewhere else, presumably...) and it automatically vibrates to the rhythm and intensity of the selected music.

Apple fury at iPod sex toy

There are five different iPod/iPhone vibrators currently available in Europe (including the NaughtiBod), and Easyishop claims that the OhMiBod is the market leader. Arriving in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes, the vibrator even comes with plenty of its own accessories to enjoy.

The OhMiBod is described as "a sleek, sophisticated new generation of vibrator that combines elegance of design with the excitement of your favourite music".

An audio-enabled integrated microchip allows the OhMiBod iPod massager to vibrate to the beat and rhythm of the music the user is listening to.

It comes with an additional multi-speed "endcap" for use without an iPod or music player.

The motor provides "strong yet quiet, intense rhythmic vibrations".

"The range and intensity of the vibrations are endless, creating a dynamically sensational experience never felt before!"

It is supplied with a 43-foot "freedom cord", a universal headphone connector, and even a "velvet privacy pouch".

Easyishop also provides an invitation to share your favourite playlists for the coyly titled "iPod massager" on Club Vibe via the iTunes iMix section.

It also works with laptops, home stereos, portable CD players, microphones, and even electric guitars - any electronic audio output source with a 3.5mm jack.

Online testimonials promise that "it's really packaged to go straight out of the box"...