Amazon may be launching a new version of the Kindle - its electronic book reader - next month.

The $399 (£280) Kindle, which is currently only available in the US, is the size of a thin paperback book and has a Wi-Fi connection, allowing users to download electronic books from Amazon, which they can read on the device.

The company has issued invitations to an event at the Morgan Library & Museum in New York on February 9, and according to the Los Angeles Times, the last time Amazon held a similar event was in 2007 to launch the original Kindle.

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Rumours have been rife for some time that Amazon is planning to launch two new versions of its electronic book reader. Late last year Amazon spokesman Craig Berman told the New York Times that a new version of the Kindle was likely to appear in 2009.

Richard Doherty, a consumer electronics analyst with the Envisioneering Group, told the Los Angeles Times: "We're fairly sure that it will be a new Kindle, one that will feature an improved black-and-white, grayscale screen and a better battery life".

Analysts have predicted the new version of the device will be slimmer and will feature forward and backward page buttons in a different location, after a number of consumers complained it was too easy to hit them accidentally.

"The first generation was too clunky. I would have to believe they've improved it," said Tim Bajarin, electronics analyst with Creative Strategies.

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