Google Glass UK release Explorer Programme

Google has confirmed that it is launching its Google Glass in the UK today. See also: Google Glass Explorer Edition 2.0 review.

UK residents can now get their hands on Google's smart spectacles in the UK via the Google Glass Explorer Programme. Google Glass has been available in the US for many months now but the firm has decided to bring the gadget across the Atlantic for consumers in Blighty. Read: Google Glass hands-on: Strange but super cool

"The Explorer programme lets people from all walks of life play an active role in shaping Glass ahead of a wider consumer launch." said Google. The UK launch of Google Glass comes with new Glassware partners including The Guardian, Star Chart, Zombies Run, and

The smart glasses connect to your smartphone and feature a heads-up-display (HUD) which can give you information hands-free. Google Glass also has a built-in camera for taking photos and videos.

Ivy Ross, head of Glass, added: "Technology is at its best when it fits seamlessly into our lives and lets us get on with whatever we’re doing. Our goal for Glass is exactly that - to make it easier to bring people the technology they rely on without drawing them out of the moment."

Google Glass UK price and how to buy

Google Glass: UK price and how to buy

Those of you eager to get your hands on a pair of Google Glass can do so now from You must be a UK resident who is over the age of 18 and hold a valid credit card, though. See also: Using Google Glass: 5 things we love, 5 things that need to get better (and probably will).

Using Google Glass: 5 things we love, 5 things that need to get better (and probably will) - See more at:

The price for the Google Glass UK Explorer edition is £1,000 meaning it's one for the early adopters out there. If you're not so sure about splashing out, anyone over 18 can apply for a demo at a Basecamp in London this Friday or Saturday.

Be aware that Google Glass is still a prototype product and is still in development. Google said it "will continue to be developed before it is made available to more consumers."

Let us know what you think about Google Glass launching in the UK in the comments below. Will you be buying an Explorer edition? Also check out Google's London through Glass video below.