Apple iPhone Love them or hate them, gadgets are the cause of impassioned debate. We asked for your opinions and, boy, did we get some.

Over the past two months, PC Advisor has been canvassing reader opinion on the best products, technologies and developments of the year. As well as asking about what you've bought and how the buying process and support experience has been for you, we asked you to nominate your favourite gadget - purchased or simply lusted after.

Some of the suggestions came as little surprise: iPhone, BlackBerry, Android phones, e-book readers and netbooks all got many mentions.

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"My Sony Reader. I am always awake halfway through the night, and this is a brilliant way to read without disturbing my other half."

There have been a surprisingly large number of votes for less obvious gadgets though: Henry The Hoover USB vacuum for cleaning up a messy desk has definitely caught the imagination.

Some of your nominations were for less than high-tech products.

"A no-frills tin opener - one of the old- school 'butterfly' type. Unlike the modern technological marvels, it actually works; no mess-no fuss.

"My favourite gadget is the milk frother for my coffee. SO GOOD."

Other people declared their love for all things tech: an external hard drive, a Sega MegaDrive, lots of digital cameras and phones.

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And we couldn't resist sharing this gem with you: "I detest all modern gadgets and those that rave on about them. Every single modern gadget was conceived in the seventh level of Hell. That's right, we're talking about Bristol." Harsh.

It's not too late to have your say. Next week we'll be unveiling the shortlist of nominees for the PC Advisor Reader Award for Gadget of the Year. We'll be running a poll on the site so you can vote for the outright winner.

In the meantime, spend five minutes completing the PC Advisor Reader Survey and nominate your favourite gadget. The survey closes tomorrow afternoon. A netbook, a satnav, Adobe Creative Suite, QuarkXpress and Intempo DAB radio are among the many prizes.