The Consumer Electronics Show is the most exciting event in the IT industry calendar. It's exciting for consumers because it's where the high-tech gadgets with the broadest appeal are launched; it's exciting for journalists because it's held in the spectacle that is Las Vegas - we don't have to face snowy Hannover in March (CeBIT) or an 18-hour flight to Taipei (Computex).

But while Las Vegas' extravagant hotels and star-studded shows wear a little thin after a few days, the products launched at CES often continue to keep us entertained for at least 12 months. This year, we hear that a successor to Asus' popular Eee PC will be launched, while next-generation TVs based on OLED (organic light emitting diode) technology will be on show, and there are even rumours that Microsoft might provide a glimpse of Vista's successor – codenamed Windows 7. Bill Gates will deliver the keynote on Sunday 6th January, and Windows watchers are already gossiping about what he's got in store for our PCs.

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