The Amazon Kindle is now available through the Carphone Warehouse and Best Buy.

The Wi-Fi-only version is priced at £111, while those that want both 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity should plump for the £152 Kindle 3G.

The Wi-Fi Kindle is also available for free when purchased with selected mobile phone contracts, which start from £15 per month. Alternatively, the Kindle 3G is available with the same contracts for a one-off charge of £15.

The third generation of the Kindle features an enhanced display, faster navigation and an entirely redesigned chassis. It uses the same E-Ink Pearl screen found on the Kindle DX (Graphite) and the screen offers a 20 percent faster refresh rate over its predecessor, a tangible difference that, together with software enhancements, makes the Kindle fly through menus.

The Kindle can also store up to 3,500 books - that's 2,000 more than the previous version of the e-book reader.

"We are pleased to be working with The Carphone Warehouse and Best Buy to offer the Kindle devices in store," said Gordon Willoughby, European director of Kindle.

"The reach and appeal of both these first-in-class retailers, combined with the excellent level of personalised service provided by their people, give customers a great new place to discover Kindle and Kindle 3G."

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