Brits waste £134m a year by overcharging laptops, tablets and other consumer electronics, according to E.ON.

The energy supplier said nine in 10 leave their devices on permanent charge and are often unaware of the damage it could cause. Laptops are the devices most likely to remain left on charge even when the battery is fully charged, being cited by 43 percent of those surveyed. Furthermore, 41 percent said they leave their mobile phones plugged in to chargers and 10 percent admit they rarely disconnect their Apple iPods once they're fully charged

One in five claim they leave their devices plugged in once the battery is full because they concerned it'll run out of power when they leave the house, while 10 percent admitted they are 'too lazy' to disconnect despite it costing them money. And a third of women say they 'forget' their devices are plugged in.

Gadget owners aged 18 to 24 are the worst offenders to leave devices plugged in once fully charged, and they're four times more likely that those aged over 55 to overcharge their electrical goods.

E.ON said overcharging batteries not only ruins their lifespan but also increases electricity bills by an average of £60 per year.

A quarter of Brits wrongly assume constantly charging electronics keeps them working properly, and 46 percent admitted they'd remove gadgets from constant charge if they knew it could save them money.

Emma Thompson, of E.ON, told the Daily Mail: "We're using more and more gadgets in our daily lives. It's crucial that we keep an eye on how much money and energy we're wasting keeping them charging when we don't need to.

"Generally mobile phones only take two hours to charge but most people leave them plugged in overnight. By unplugging your gadgets once they're charged, you'll be helping to reduce your energy bills."