"Everyone is an artist." Those are the words of the controversial German artist Joseph Beuys, and we happen to agree with him.

The statement is especially true in our modern age of techno toys. With off-the-shelf hardware and software breaking the world down into so many ones and zeroes, it's getting a lot easier to experiment with things that used to be expensive or time-consuming (digital photography eliminates the money and time required for film and processing, for instance), or to unleash brand-new creative ideas.

If you're itching to create sublime, meaningful works of art, or at least something with a good beat you can dance to, consider the following five gadgets. Oh, and one disclaimer: remember that no tool automatically makes you a good artist.

Don't blame us if none of these items get you into the Tate Modern.

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1. Wanna see my etchings?

It's been said that everyone has a few thousand bad drawings in them, and that the key to becoming a good artist is to get those out of your system as fast as possible.

We know from first-hand experience that working through all that awful art can make your house a fire hazard, and while paper is cheap, buying a steady supply of pens, pencils, paints, and other materials quickly adds up. Wacom's graphic tablets handily eliminate both problems.

Wacom tablets range from the budget-friendly Bamboo series (starting at £69) to the more chequebook-breaking but drool-inducing Cintiq line (which tops out at £1,500).

They all operate on the same basic principle: drawing with a stylus on the tablet translates directly to your pointer's movements on the screen, providing the most natural way to draw on a computer.

(How natural? There's a working eraser on the end of the stylus that functions just the way you'd expect.) The stylus is pressure-sensitive, which can lead to thicker or thinner lines as you press down, or it can do whatever you customise it to do, depending on your software.

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