When you think about offices in the future, what do you see? Robot secretaries and four-hour workdays?

It's a nice idea but its unlikely. However, the office of the future will likely be a more pleasant place to toil, even if a jet pack doesn't get you there. Here's a look at workplace tech, both real and imagined, that may redefine the 9-to-5 grind.

Portable Office

Is your 'home office' really the kitchen table or a desktop in the your lounge? If so, the OfficePod is your passport to roomier digs. This portable office, ideal for the backyard, measures 2.1x2.1m and is spacious enough to accommodate one work-surface-bound person. The OfficePod might serve as a small guest house, too - except that there's no loo.

Perspiring professional

Sitting on your ever-expanding posterior isn't the healthiest way to spend an eight-hour workday. So why not feel the burn while bringing home the bacon? The WalkStation is a combination treadmill/workstation that lets you enjoy a daily dose of cardio at the office. A touchpad controller lets you adjust the unit's speed, height, and other settings. The top treadmill speed is two miles per hour - essentially a brisk walk. Talk about multitasking!

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