Targeted advertising technologies firm, Snakk Media, has made a minority investment in San Francisco-based Moasis Global, which includes the exclusive rights to offer the latter's patented smart grid location-targeting technology in New Zealand and Australia.

According to the firm, NZ will be the first company outside of the US to get access to the platform when it is launched in the coming weeks.

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Moasis is a Cloud-based platform that allows local businesses, brands and media agencies to select precise physical areas like city blocks and neighbourhoods, allowing advertisers to send targeted messages to any internet-connected device, including phones, tablets, laptops, digital billboards and others.

Snakk has also invested in New York-based Plyfe, another cloud-based ad technology platform that will be deployed commercially in the coming weeks. This includes exclusive rights to offer the technology throughout the APAC region.

Plyfe enable brands to add interactive and game-like experiences into the apps, mobile websites and social pages viewed on their smart screen devices.

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According to a statement from Snakk, it has stepped up plans to operate directly in Asian countries where there are millions of smartphone users.

The company is set to announce its year end results on 13 June 2014.

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