Debra Lilley, the president of the council of the UK Oracle User Group (UKOUG) has been recognised by Oracle's SOA Community for her input into the development of Fusion Applications.

Fusion Applications has this week been confirmed as being on general availability for all customers, with around 200 customers signed up, at Oracle's Openworld conference in San Francisco.

"We [Lilley's employer Fujitsu] are part of the really successful partner SOA Community and last night they gave me an award, totally unexpected, for making people understand that Fusion Apps is about the technology. Thank you," said Lilley.

Lilley was instrumental in ensuring that the UKOUG was fully involved in the development of Fusion applications.

She was able to do this in her role as leader of the Product Development Committee for the International Oracle Users Group Community (IOUC), which focused on Fusion applications.

She has previously said that the group has had "constant input" since it first got involved with the Fusion applications six years ago.

Lilley also welcomed the Fusion apps announcements that Oracle finally made today at Openworld.

"It was a bit worrying there was so much to come [in terms of Oracle announcements] and so little time to include Fusion apps. I was convinced that Larry would screw up again.

"However, he had an excellent story to tell, launched Fusion Apps GA (General Availability), explained the time it took to develop them, launched Oracle's Public Cloud offering and Social was the best keynote I can remember, with perhaps the exception of live Q&A," she said, referring to Oracle CEO Larry Ellison's closing keynote speech.