Today another group of software veterans (including Dana Jones formerly with Vignette, Scott Harmon former CEO of AlterPoint, and Scott Jones formerly with Computer Science Corporation) announced an energy management solution for the commercial and industrial building sector. Noesis Energy is officially launched thanks to a $50 million investment from Austin Ventures. This cloud-based, community-centric software platform will enable users to identify the inefficiencies in their building operations that can translate into opportunities to reduce consumption and save money. The platform will provide users with tools for analyzing their energy consumption and a social media network for users to communicate their experiences and perspectives on energy management with a community of subject matter experts. Noesis' goal is to support the process of transforming energy savings opportunities into action. The platform is projected to be fully enabled soon after the New Year.

The name of their game is acquisition - kick starting the business with the acquisition of Managing Energy Inc. publicly announced today. In the beginning the solution will be a no-touch baselining tool for building operators. In other words, without having any onsite sensors or meters, users will be able to generate a basic profile of their building from Noesis building characteristic, energy, and other independent variables such as weather data. Over time, Noesis expects to provide more sophisticated analytics tools to the community by leveraging the capabilities of new acquisitions.

In addition to providing the tools to generate a baseline energy profile, Noesis will support community discussions regarding energy auditing, energy conservation, energy procurement, renewable energy, regulations, and building standards and ratings. The idea is that there is a need in the building management space for education and shared awareness of the benefits of energy efficiency and opportunities for cost savings.

In the end the uniqueness of the Noesis launch is the fact that this is a dot org -- and a free offering to the commercial building management industry. Clearly the community aspect of the solution is filling a market demand when you look at the launch of similar platforms from industry giants including Johnson Controls (Panoptix) and Cisco (Smart Connected Communities Institute). Time will tell if the industry will engage in these community platforms to leverage knowledge and engage with vendors to invest in Smart Building solutions. The bottom line is these communities signal momentum for Smart Building solutions. This is all good news for promoting energy efficiency, cost savings, and improving the bottom line in building management.