IT employees at biopharmaceutical services firm Quintiles Transnational use and develop a wide array of leading-edge technologies that power the world's largest clinical research organization and are speeding new medicines and treatments to the market.

For IT staffers, "the opportunity is there for innovation," says Joe Goodgame, director of IT. "I haven't seen a circumstance where people who want to innovate haven't been given the opportunity. From a cutting-edge technology perspective, we do launch very quickly into new areas where we see a value." Goodgame's past three assignments focused on innovation, including bringing master data management into the company.

Durham, N.C.-based Quintiles tries to keep travel to a minimum and uses Web-enabled conferencing to encourage collaboration between peers and clients around the globe.

Employee perks include home IT equipment reimbursement every three years -- even for tech toys not used solely for work.