Google jobs are coveted ones, but it looks like searching for specific programming terms can get Google's attention and start the job application process, possibly landing you a job there.

Mark Rosett writes on The Hustle how Googling "python lambda function list comprehension" revealed a box on top of the search results that said "You're speaking our language. Up for a challenge?" with buttons that said "I want to play," "No thanks," and "Don't show me this again."

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Rosett decided to play and was sent to timed programming challenges (you could code in Python or Java). After passing a total of six challenges over two weeks, Rosett was emailed by a recruiter and went through the interview process (sans the technical screening, since the online exercises already proved his skills). And he got and accepted the offer.

This is a clever way for Google to recruit new programmers, and I wonder if they also use search queries to find potential employees in other fields. For example, if I typed in specific SEO or ad marketing terms, would their ad department offer online challenges? 

In any case, keep on Googling your coding problems, coders. There's a hidden recruiting tool in Search and you might just get an invitation to play. "Puzzles are fun," Google says, "Search on."