Kordia New Zealand has announced availability of the AWS Direct Connect service for its customers, by which they can access scalable, pay-as-you-go cloud computing services, including Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud and Simple Storage Service.

The service is expected to reduce network costs, increase throughput and deliver consistent network performance for Kordia's customers.

Kordia CTO Aaron Olphert said bandwidth options are available from 1Mbps to 1Gbps and this connectivity can be via a private peering or direct connected solution.

"The expected core network latency for this connectivity is just 25-30 milliseconds. What that means in practice is that AWS users connected via Kordia's network will experience performance almost as good as if the servers were in their building rather than in Australia."

According to Kordia, customers can benefit from the service in different ways, with those using its premium internet services automatically receiving the advantages of low-latency peering with AWS.

Customers can also have an OnKor WAN option to enable a VLAN connection into AWS. Direct Connect enables virtual servers and associated applications to appear inside the WAN security domain.

"This suits customers seeking to provision AWS virtual servers and hosting applications, which depend on consistent and optimal network performance -- in other words, it is ideal for business-critical applications such as ERP services," said Olphert.

Kordia's AWS service add to its direct peering relationships with other prominent content providers, including Google and Microsoft's Office 365 and Azure.

Olphert added that Kordia keeps a close eye on its customers' use of other popular business related content providers and will add further private peering arrangements in response to demand.