Sean Finnan, one of the UK IT outsourcing industry's most experienced executives has told Computerworld UK that he decided to leave IBM last month to focus on developing a 'plural career'.

It was revealed earlier this week that Finnan had left his role as head of Strategic Outsourcing Europe at IBM after three years with the company. He stepped down in July, though news of his departure only broke this week.

Finnan was a high profile recruit from EDS in 2009, jumping ship following HP's acquisition of the outsourcer.

He worked at EDS since 1985, and has overseen many of the company's extensive public sector and private sector deals. He was also, until this month, president of the board at IT industry association Intellect.

Speaking to Computerworld UK, Finnan said: "I enjoyed it [at IBM] and I did well. Having said that there are a number of things I want to do, so I decided to take the big leap now."

He added: "I have seen it takes a few years to get a plural career going, so I thought I might as well start now."

Finnan plans to split his time into three roles: advisory, coaching/mentoring and other projects, such as possibly writing a book. He is also on the board of the charity Southbank Sinfonia and will continue to lend his services to Intellect.

Richard Holway, chairman at TechMarketView, said of Finnan's move to IBM that he "clearly takes a huge amount of experience and a lifetime of contacts with him."