Breakfast cereal and snack company Kellogg's is improving its UK supply chain with a new warehouse scanning system.

Kellogg's is now using Honeywell RF barcode scanners as part of its highly automated supply chain. Supplied and supported by Peak-Ryzex, the scanners are being used by Kellogg's at its UK distribution centres and warehouses around North West England and North Wales.

The upgraded scanners consist of handheld and in-cab devices for forklift trucks - including Honeywell Thor VM1 vehicle-mount computers and MX7 handheld Tectons - which run terminal emulation and link wirelessly to Kellogg's Unix-based warehouse management system.

Paul Brown, IT senior analyst at Kellogg's, said: "The Honeywell scanners have proven to be reliable, which they have to be for an operation of our size that moves millions of cases of product each week across many sites. The terminals were selected when our wireless networks were upgraded."

"If we have an issue with any of the scanners, Peak-Ryzex provide a replacement device fully configured and ready to go," said Brown.

UPS workers are taking advantage of new wearable scanning technology from Motorola, that speeds up package loading and quickly transmits online tracking data to customers.