Games developers in the UK will struggle to find the right skills in a growing market, according to an e-skills UK report.

The Technology Insights report is based on information provided by over 300 games development studios across the UK, France, Canada and the US.

While around two-thirds of UK games employers are forecasting increased sales and profits over the next 12 months, the same proportion say the recruitment of skilled programming staff and other IT staff has proved "difficult" over the last year.

And the recruitment difficulties are likely to continue, says the report, as half of the games studios predict an increase in the number of IT development staff needed over the coming year.

Also, most of them anticipate that the range and level of skills needed by these IT staff "will also need to increase".

Karen Price, CEO of e-skills UK, said: "The mismatch between supply and demand for skills is a risk to realising the economic potential of this important sector.

"We are working with both higher education and schools to ensure the games sector has the pipeline of talent it needs to thrive."

E-skills UK recently published its free 'IT Explained' guide for small businesses. The guide covers six areas giving jargon-free advice, including getting started with IT, data security, using online resources, building a website, marketing and selling online.