Dell has formed a technology alliance with Fusion to deliver a Dell-branded appliance which accelerates enterprise apps including Oracle, SAP HANA, and Microsoft SQL Server.

The all-flash ION Accelerator Appliance will be offered as a fully integrated and Dell-branded solution.

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The Dell Acceleration Appliance for Databases, is purpose-built for accelerating enterprise applications including Oracle, SAP HANA, and Microsoft SQL Server, as well as virtualisation workloads.

The all-flash appliance delivers application-focused performance for data-intensive workloads, allowing general purpose storage systems to focus on managing data capacity. Fusion-io executive vice president, chief strategy and product officer, Gary Smerdon, said the price of slow was becoming evermore apparent as more companies implemented new data-intensive applications.

"Our all-flash ION Accelerator appliance provides a foundation that delivers application performance, ensuring that businesses can gather actionable business insight from reliable, real-time data." It combines Dell servers and Fusion-io flash memory to maximise data-intensive application performance.

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It features high performance and efficient density with up to 12TB of persistent, ultra low latency flash memory in 2U of space, according to a company statement.

Customers can also expect simple management and seamless integration with enterprise applications in both physical and virtual environments along with proven Fusion-io flash memory data protection technology like Adaptive Flashback.

For application environments ranging from OLTP to OLAP and from in-memory to NoSQL, Dell Acceleration Appliance for Databases will deliver unmatched acceleration. Dell chief technology officer, Sam Greenblatt, said Dell's technology collaboration with Fusion-io on the companies new offering would help customers optimise database performance with the solution's integrated flash technology.

"Combined with Dell's industry-leading service and support, customers can expect this solution to help them cost-effectively respond to business needs rapidly and reliably."