Fujitsu and Thailand-based Chulalongkorn University have started a ten-month trial of a student performance management system.

The pilot involves 500 students with strong abilities in sports, art and music. Their information will be consolidated from multiple departments at Chulalongkorn University into a single platform.

Chulalongkorn University aims to strengthen its support for career development, improve the quality of its student services, and improve the efficiency of its operations.

"With excellent technology from Fujitsu and the traditional practices of Thailand's higher education, the system will support the success of students' studies and help university staff to effectively nurture good human resources for society," said Dr. Tanit Tongthong, Vice President of Chulalongkorn University.

Insights gained from the Chulalongkorn University trials will be leveraged to add new features that fit the needs of Thailand's university system and culture.

"Our efforts in the educational field are important in that they contribute to shaping culture and society," said Masayuki Kunimaru, President of Fujitsu Systems Business (Thailand).

These field trials represent Fujitsu's first endeavour at deploying its university education solutions at an institution outside Japan. In Japan, universities deploy such platforms to centrally manage various data, including basic student information, registration records, and academic grades.

By storing advice and counseling records and sharing it among faculty members, universities can provide advice that is closely tailored to individual students, and have benefitted from lower dropout rates as a result.

The platform is based on Fujitsu's Education Solution Campusmate-J/Student series. And once successful, Fujitsu will market the solution to schools in Thailand and even beyond.

"We seek to create next-generation student support solutions that will enable us to establish a new business model that we can apply not only in Thailand and Japan, but in other global markets as well," said Atsuhiko Motohashi, Senior Vice President of Fujitsu's Healthcare and Educational Systems Unit.