Fujitsu has added to its cloud portfolio, after finalising its deal to acquire France-based cloud service company RunMyProcess (RMP) for an undisclosed fee.

Fujitsu said that the deal to buy RMP will help grow its cloud offerings, with the addition of what RMP terms integration-Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS). RMP's web-based workflow software centres around enabling customers to deploy business critical applications by integrating and combining existing services and assets, held either on-premise or in the cloud.

Founded in 2007, RMP currently has over 300 active projects running in 45 countries, and has partnerships in 25 countries with 53 cloud integrators.

"The acquisition of RunMyProcess demonstrates that we continue to develop Fujitsu's global cloud vision," said Akira Yamanaka, Corporate Senior Vice President at Fujitsu Limited.

"Fujitsu is extending its lead in global cloud offerings by taking a major step forward with value-added services that integrate and combine existing application services and assets, both on cloud and on-premise."

Angela Eager, Research Director for Enterprise Software & Application Services at TechMarketView, said that the deal would offer Fujitsu the chance to differentiate its cloud services by allowing focusing on business outcomes, rather than data integration. This move into business process integration would separate it from "data-centric cloud integration players" such as Dell Boomi, IBM Cast Iron and Pervasive.

"Although it will be a small acquisition in financial terms, the focus on what RMP refers to as iPaaS is noteworthy because it majors on business process integration in the cloud, in a market where many PaaS providers focus on data integration and address the process aspect as a secondary concern," Eager said.

Eager added: "Like many system and service providers Fujitsu is looking to the cloud for new business opportunities, which necessitates building up software assets. This will be a venture worth watching."

Fujitsu also announced that it would be establishing a Gobal Software Center in Silicon Vallley, to act as the 'hub' of its cloud business.