The recently launched Make Things Do Stuff digital technology campaign for young people has now won support from Virgin Media, Caff Nero, Microsoft and the UK government.

Virgin Media and Caff Nero have committed to the Make Things Do Stuff campaign through a partnership with campaign member organisation Freeformers, to deliver a progamme of TechJam Clubs to more than 10,000 young people across Britain.

Richard Branson, of Virgin Media, said, "Virgin Media's going to help at least 10,000 more people make the most of this incredible opportunity. We are also very keen to transform the prospects of thousands more youngsters who want to start their own business with Virgin Media Pioneers."

Emma Cerrone, of Freeformers, said, "TechJam Tuesdays are responding to the need to help the millions of digital consumers become digital makers, regardless of their background."

Caff Nero says it has created over 500 "community hubs" around the UK. It says the campaign will help young people develop their digital skills during events at its coffee bars.

Microsoft previously launched its Kodu programme with the aim of providing 30,000 children with coding and game making skills in the next 12 months, and is now promoting the Make Things Do Stuff campaign.

The UK government featured the campaign in last week's G8 Open for Growth event held in London.

The Make Things Do Stuff website showcases a host of digital tools, tips and links to projects that young people can get involved in.

A Digital Summer Camp will take place at Hackney Community College in north east London on 12 July. And 10,000 young people are expected to attend Telefonica's Campus Party in September at London's O2 Arena.