The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner has released guidelines to help business navigate the biggest change to privacy law in 25 years.

The introduction of the Australian Privacy Prinicples is one of the significant changes under the new laws. Currently, Australian Government agencies are covered by the Information Privacy Principles, while the private sector are covered by the National Privacy Principles.

The APP guidelines will be a key resource for entities covered by the Privacy Act in assessing their compliance with the new laws.

Australian Information Commissioner, Professor John McMillian, said the guidelines were an essential tool for the implementation of the March 12 change in law.

"March 12 will see the biggest change in privacy law in 25 years, and the APP guidelines are an essential tool for the implementation of this change," he said.

"We have put a lot of work into producing the APP guidelines, including extensive public consultation, so that we can maximise their usefulness to business and government."

"The APP guidelines not only outline minimum compliance requirements, they also provide practical examples of best practice."

The Privacy Commissioner, Timothy Pilgrim, said business and government should be ready for the change in law from 12 March.

"The APP guidelines are not intended to be a step-by-step guide to developing compliant processes. Most of the requirements contained in the APPs are not new, and business and government should be ready to hit the ground running come March 12," he said.

In addition to publishing the APP Guidelines the OAIC will also be producing a practical tool that organisations can use to review their privacy policy. These will be available in March.

The OAIC has released a video of Information Commissioner, Professor John McMillan announcing the release of the APP guidelines.