The amount of time British technology enthusiasts spend watching TV is declining, with more people watching clips on YouTube and video-enabled mobile phones, according to an ICM survey commissioned by the BBC.

The research said that 43 percent of Brits who use the internet and mobile phones to watch clips are watching less 'normal' TV, while three-quarters of respondents said they used the technologies more now than a year ago.

According to the ICM research, one in five people who watch video clips from online video sites and mobile services at least once a week said they watched a lot less traditional TV as a result. A further 23 percent said they watched "a bit less".

This trend is expected to continue, with the BBC, ITV and Channel 4 planning to boost efforts to make programming available online and on-demand over the next few months.

However, just over half of respondents said their traditional TV viewing remained unchanged, while those that watch the new breed of broadcasting remain in the minority – just 9 percent of people said they did it regularly.