If you're not allowed to keep Lego any more because you have to act like a typical grown up and stuff (pffh), I've just found the perfect excuse to grab yourself a few bricks--to build a Lego bicycle! In this edition of GeekBytes, we'll also tell you how to make a TARDIS Ikea shopping bag, and get some love off a cuddly robot. Aww.

I like to ride my Lego bicycle... kinda [Flickr]

Have you seen anything more beautiful than Silva Vasil's Lego bike? Riding that along the street would be like a dream. Sadly, you'd also have to be minifigure size, as this bike is a miniature! However, you'll still be able to appreciate the level of detail on this bike, considering it's made predominantly from some of the more uncommon Lego parts. [via Laughing Squid]

This robot really want to give you a hug [Nico Nico]

Long distance relationship or Forever Alone? You need the Riaju Coat, the little robot that hugs you from behind. This little robot will hug you around the waist to stimulate the joy a man feels when his other half does the same thing. Watch the robot in action on Rocket News. [via Ubergizmo]

Shop for furniture in geek style with a TARDIS Ikea bag [Instructables]

Whenever you go shopping in Ikea, you're given those study blue carry-all bags in all kinds of sizes. While they are great to keep and reuse, you could also make them really interesting storage solutions for any Doctor Who fans in your household. Just stitch on some panels, sew on some blue lights and voila--you have a light-up TARDIS! Get the step-by-step guide on Instructables.

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