The scorching summer heat seems to have put everyone in a semi-catatonic state. While no single story dominated tech this week, there was still some notable news. Amazon appears to be expanding its horizons, Hollywood convinced ISPs to do its antipiracy bidding, and a popular European music service has finally washed up on our shores. Also: Google+ got a little more private, while Groupon got less, and teenage girls represent the future of science. Can you handle the heat from our quiz? Award yourself 10 points every time you get one right. Now move away from that air conditioner and get started.

1. Apple isn't the only company that knows how to crank up the online rumor mill; Amazon got the Webosphere in a tizzy this week. What is the e-tailing giant allegedly up to?

a. Buying Netflixb. Being bought by Googlec. Coming out with its own Android tabletd. Merging its music and movie store with iTunes

2. Google announced the winners of its first-ever Science Fair this week -- all of them teenage girls. Whom among the following was not one of the winning gal geeks?

a. Lauren Hodge

b. Mila Kunis

c. Naomi Shah

d. Shree Bose

3. Dozens of law enforcement agencies across the United States have found a new way to fight crime with their iPhones. What are they doing?

a. Throwing the iPhones at suspected felons

b. Using the iPhone's facial recognition technology to identify perps

c. Using the iPhone's forensics apps to identify victims by their DNA

d. Using the iPhone's built-in taser to stun assailants

4. Groupon changed its privacy policy a smidge over the weekend. What are the deal makers doing now do they didn't do before?

a. Sending coupons in the mail

b. Using telemarketing services to promote deals

c. Tracking your mobile location

d. Spamming nonmembers with introductory offers

5. Who says Google doesn't care about privacy? Google+ just introduced a new privacy control. What can you now decide to hide from your G+ posse?

a. Your name

b. Your address

c. Your gender

d. Your Facebook data

6. "This is a terrible idea. ... Wouldn't it have been smarter to have a grandfather clause for current customers to lock in their savings? I mean even big, bad cable companies do that! You are going to lose a lot of people because of this. Why wouldn't you offer a package that offers both without charging a higher cost? Don't you typically offer a discount to a consumer who is willing to purchase more?" What is this outraged customer so outraged about?

a. Netflix raising its monthly rental fees by $6

b. Verizon killing its unlimited data plans

c. Virgin Mobile adding limits to its "unlimited" plan

d. Having to pay $10 a month for Spotify Mobile

7. After years of anticipation, a new music streaming service is finally ready to take America by storm -- at least, according to all the hype. Which service are bloggers gushing over?

a. HiFi

b. Spotify

c. Clarify

d. Rectify

8. PayPal announced a new way to exchange money this week using smartphones. How will those in the know share their dough?

a. Jiggle the phone near a cash register

b. Beam money via Bluetooth

c. Pay via bar code readers

d. Do "the bump" with their handsets

9. Hollywood has enlisted some of the biggest ISPs in the nation to battle online piracy. Which major service provider was not among those joining the fight against copyright scofflaws?

a. AT&T

b. Verizon

c. Comcast

d. Charter

10. Take the number of military log-ons the hacking group Anonymous released onto the Web this week, and divide by the number of days remaining for Windows XP support, as of Wednesday, July 13. Multiply by the number of "years" that have transpired since the planet Neptune was discovered. Put that in your refracting telescope and point it toward the celestial spheres. What do you get?

a. 90

b. 900

c. 9,000

d. 90,000

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