Happy World Book Night! If someone thrusted a book upon you today, they were probably, most likely not crazy. But wait--before you get to reading all that free literature, here's some news you might have missed.

Hidden "eye gestures" found in Google Glass code [Geek.com]

An eagle-eyed coder who goes by Fodawim on Reddit has discovered hidden gesture controls inside of the source code for the software behind Google Glass. For example, you could take a photo by winking an eye. These gesture controls appear to be disabled (for now), but maybe we'll see them show up in a future update.

Hyundai made a flying car (sorta) [Mashable]

GeekTech sees quadrocopters ruling the future, and apparently some engineers at Hyundai's annual Idea Festival think so, too. This wacky contraption lets you fly by the seat of your pants in a 16-rotor flying machine. This project is still still in the planning stages, as evidenced by the fact that there wasn't even a real person sitting in the "driver seat" (it was a crash dummy), and the "driver" was standing more than a few feet away with a remote control.

Burger lovers rejoice! The holy trinity of burger places comes to Vegas! [Serious Eats]

Attention, burger lovers in the United States: The constant three-way war for meaty bread supremacy between Shake Shack, In-n-Out, and Five Guys is about to come to a head in Las Vegas. With Shake Shack opening up in Sin City, there's finally one place you can truly compare who really is the best costal (or in the case of Five Guys, national) chain without having to be that weird guy stowing a burger in his luggage on an overnight cross-country flight.